Friday, September 7, 2012

WOODNOTE Wins Washington State Book Award for Poetry

Congratulations to Christine Deavel! Her debut book of poems Woodnote has won the WSBA. We here at Bear Star could not be more proud and pleased.

Check her book page for some links to interviews with Christine as well as reviews of Woodnote. Here's a short excerpt from an interview that Rigoberto Gonzalez posted on the NBCC blog. In it, Christine talks about writing her book and about writing in general.
Much of Woodnote comes out of an Indiana landscape, but I think it may have taken my moving to the Pacific Northwest, with its gorgeous and frightening extremes of mountain and ocean, for me to see Indiana, my hometown, more clearly.
I don’t think I have concerns when I write – I just am. I bring my weather with me wherever I go. Sometimes it washes clean what’s around me, other times it’s all fog. Both make for poetry for me. What I want/need/seek is to be as present as possible in whatever landscape, whatever weather. I want to know where I was and that I was there, that I was in and of the world.