Monday, December 15, 2014

In which the editor is interviewed

The fine folks at Late Night Library, "where literature never sleeps," were kind to offer me some space to talk about Bear Star and the book biz, which of course gave me yet another opportunity to rant about Amazon as well. You can read my interview here.

In other news, I am about halfway through screening this year's pile of manuscripts, if a mostly online trove can be called a pile. Although the number of contest entries is down a bit from previous years I'm finding stronger work overall. And with the storms sweeping through California this year it's pretty much pure pleasure to simply sit by the woodstove and read poetry. Thanks to everyone who submitted. I hope to pass the finalists on to my stalwart judges by early January and be able to announce a winner by month's end, early February by the latest.

By the way, I realize not everyone likes to submit manuscripts online, but it's much more convenient for those of us who live in rural areas where one's mailbox is out on the main road. Submittable saves me a lot of time and paper and I've been very happy with their service, which also spares me from having to deal with submissions like this one, which didn't even contain any poetry and was out of geographic range to boot. But hey, I'm sure I needed that info sheet on lice.