Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excitement in the 'hood

Bearnice (the press logo bear) is doing a happier jig than usual, and it’s not because someone heated up a piece of tin for her to jump around on or prodded her big hairy backside. No, she’s extremely pleased to have recently learned one of the authors here has received an American Book Award. The news isn’t official yet, but we will link to it as soon as we can.

Speaking of links, Cohasset finally has high-speed internet—insert vuvuzela chorus here—or at least higher speed. Fact-checking, blog-reading, YouTubing, etc., has never been easier. And watching old episodes of 30 Rock on lazy days more tempting than ever.

Have you seen this?
Simply mesmerizing. But after a while questions arise. What to make of the fact that large portions of the Midwest and East seem permanently sad? Or that Oregon is less happy than Washington and California? Most perplexing, how is it possible that California’s mood remains one of the highest in the nation despite the myriad ways this state is failing its citizens? Is it our generally warmer clime? The quality of our wine and weed? The vast number of people practicing yoga, zen, and veganism? Or simply that the homeless don’t tweet?

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