Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Please stay tuned ...

We're close to announcing a winner for this year's contest, but it may take us another week or two. I know the contest guidelines say we announce on or before the first of February, but trust me, people, we'll get to it soon. So many of the entries were outstanding, which always complicates things--in the best kind of way, of course.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for terrific poetry, and really, who wouldn't be except for the entire Republican party, I'd like to plug Pitch by Todd Boss (Norton 2012). Here's a link to his poem "Amidwives: Two Portraits," one of the best poems I happened across in the last year. It thrills and chills me in equal measure:
It also makes me really, really appreciate my own wonderful mother-in-law, Bernice Baptiste. Thanks for being one of the good ones, Bunnie!

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