Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Late Night Library

I'm really happy with Late Night Library's recent podcast that featured Josh Booton's debut collection, The Union of Geometry & Ash, as well as an interview with him. LNL's Amanda McConnon and Kristin Maffei are superb analysts whose fast-paced back 'n' forth on the text was a smart delight. I happened to listen while taking a break from AWP in Seattle last week. As they parsed his wonderful poem "Finches" I lay on my rented bed on the tenth floor of the Westin and watched seagulls wheeling amid the skyscrapers. It made the whole day for me, especially considering that book sales this year were rather dismal. I foolishly thought I had chosen a table site that would give people a chance to chat without feeling hemmed in. It turned out to be in Timbuktu. If anyone reading this blog would like to purchase a book--any book--at the special bookfair rate of 50%, send me an email letting me know you saw the note here, and I'll get one off to you ASAP. bethannspencer [at] ye old

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